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Therefore, modern society is the more humane and civilized, the more it can guarantee a decent minimum of medical care to all its members. The humiliation of human dignity is also conducting experiments on people without their consent.

People should not be considered as experimental laboratory animals. This is strictly prohibited by the Constitution and laws of the Russian Federation and other countries.

The humiliation of human dignity in biomedicine is the growing tendency to consider the human body (including after death) or buy ivermectin (for example, organs for transplantation to other people) as a commodity - a thing that can be sold and bought.

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Here, in essence, there is the same form of moral inferiority as in the case of ivermectin. A person should not treat himself as a thing to sell, and should not allow such a treatment on the part of others.

This bioethics requirement is based on a simple consideration - the patient's life and body belong to him. No one has the right to raceto order them at your own discretion, without stromectol of the "owner". However, it may be difficult for a sick person to exercise this natural right both due to illness and due to ignorance of the nature of the disease.

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It is no accident that traditionally doctors considered themselves to have the right to make decisions and act, ignoring the "ignorant" opinion about the content of the patient's own welfare.
Thus, the doctor deprived the patient of the opportunity to be a person, the master of his own body, the "author" of his own biography. But this limitation of independence seemed to be justified by the very fact of the disease.
The situation has changed in modern medicine. Disease has ceased to be perceived simply as bodily suffering, and health has ceased to be perceived simply as the absence of it.
A disease is not only a disturbance in the body, but also a disturbance in the course of a sick person's life.
At the same time, health is not just the absence of "breakdowns" in the body, but also a full life of an individual.
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At the center was the problem of "lifestyle", its quality. The doctor cannot play a major role in solving this problem. He is only an advisor and assistant in the normalization of impaired body functions. Recovery as a return to a fulfilling life largely depends on the patient himself.

The patient acts as an independent person and "master" of his body only when he himself treats his bodily existence in a proprietary manner.

Health is its most important ivermectin, without which the realization of any human goal is impossible.

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The amount of this “capital” depends not so much on doctors as on the person himself - his lifestyle, his ability to resist the habits that are “fashionable” in a certain environment and that destroy health (smoking, drug use, alcohol abuse).

Much depends on the patient's ability and will to cooperate with doctors in the event of disturbances in the vital functions of the body, especially in chronic diseases, when complete normalization is impossible.